Dyslexia Assessments in Surrey, London and Middlesex.

From September 2019:

The cost of a full diagnostic assessment for dyslexia is £400.

The cost of a dyscalculia only assessment is £400.

The cost of a combined full disagnostic dyslexia and dyscalculia assessment is £500.

At the moment, I am unable to make home visits.

If your child's school wishes to use the results to complete a Form 8 for exam arrangements for GCSEs or A levels, there is an additional charge of £30.00 to fill in the relevant paperwork. This can only be done with the permission of the school.

If applicable, please contact me about the cost of completing further assessment required to investigate dyspraxia / DCD (16+ only).

The additional information document provides more information about  which additional services I can provide.

Additional information Positive Dyslexia Assessment 

For university DSA reports, the 11 plus or entrance exams for secondary school or reports for professional exams, I can put in recommendations for exam access arrangements free of charge.